Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Some interesting things in terms of copyright...

Tama, I couldn't help but notice two posts on your blog that have direct relation to the topics we shall be discussing tomorrow in our seminar about copyright, creativity, fair use etc.

Your RIAA vs Machinima post and your post on File Sharer's buying more music online highlight some of the important points Lessig made throughout his articles and lectures.
Especially the distinction he makes between the different types of 'so called pirates' and questioning the real damage done to the recording industry, the figure he quoted was something to do with 5% that couldn't even be directly contributed to file sharing.

The RIAA vs Machinima definately highlights the notion of the difference between protecting the artists copyright and intellectual property, and simply destroying people's right to fair use!

Anyway, maybe we could bring these two posts up as possible recent events for discussion over some of the material we have read?


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