Monday, September 05, 2005

Copyright, Intellectual Property, Fair Use etc

I know this was all discussed a while ago, but I came across something interesting today as I was looking at this week's readings. In the Henry Jenkins interview by John Borland he writes "The African American Slaves told stories about Brer Rabbit". Ok so I have looked into this and cant locate my Brer Rabbit books (which technically arent mine but my brothers!), but did Enid Blighton actually acknowledge that her famous Brer Rabbit stories were not her own but belonged to a folklore storyteller and singer called Uncle Remus?

I think if she didnt, and copyright and intellectual property weren't applied it raises some interesting points!

I think we may have found the opposite of Mickey Mouse...well, Brer Rabbit probably was until Enid had anything to say about it! But now he has probably been caught in the copyright trap!!!

Does anyone other than me remember Brer Rabbit? and Mr Fox?


Blogger Hilary said...

I think Brer Rabbit was one of the first books I ever read as fun by myself btw....

Mon Sep 05, 06:13:00 pm 2005  

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