Sunday, September 25, 2005

Participatory Culture Eat Your Heart OUT!!!

Can I believe this? Could it get ANY better?
Yes it could....but this is nevertheless fantastic and related to TWO of our seminar topics!
Yes, Adam Curry is knocking out two birds with one stone, making his DSC Podcast shownotes A WIKI!!!!!!!! (its like my two fav's have come together *sigh's contentedly*)

So, not only do we now have participatory culture in terms of the show being a Podcast, but, its actual shownotes are being written and updated by the listeners, who are posting interesting links or thoughts on some of Adam's topics (which he admits on occasion he has little knowledge about).

I could of exploded with complete amazement when he mentioned the idea of wiki shownotes on DSC #244.... simply because it fitted in so well with what we have been discussing.
It's so satisfying to be talking about these things on our blog and in discussion's in our seminar's and then to actually witness people within a specific aspect of 'participatory culture', actually do something that brings a number of our interests together!

Anyway my fellow blogger's, why don't you have a look here at the Wiki... it's only just been born, so don't be too harsh in your judgements....

As Big Kev would say, "I'm excited!"

EDIT 29/09/05 : They now have set up an alternative Wiki that is based on Wikipedia using wikimedia's wiki template. This appears to be the one being used, just thought I would tell you since this new one is easier to understand/navigate etc....not that ANYBODY appears to have been interested in this post! :P


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