Sunday, October 02, 2005

Word 'Blog' is mentioned on Dilbert

Its been a while since Dilbert entertained this blod, so here you go: (sorry its so small, blogger wont let me make it any larger!)


Blogger Andrew said...

Hey Hillary,

I always been wondering if its legal to use certain Dilbert's strip and post it up somewhere other then its official website (or any other comics for that matter)

Won't we be breaking copyright laws? If 1 strip is reasonable, how many before they say 'whoa..that's way too much. thats illegal'

In the olden days its alright to photocopy certain parts of a comic but not the entire thing. I wonder if it remains the same these days.

Alot of the uni staffs will be infringing alot of copyrights laws for sticking up 4-5 dilberts outside their office :D

just curious ;)

Mon Oct 03, 01:50:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Hilary said...

It should not in fact, be posing any legal threat.
At the bottom of each cartoon strip the copyright is clearly stated to be of Scott Adams. Therefore I am not claiming the work to be of my own.
In fact, the comic strips I have posted come from a livejournal feed named DilbertDaily from (I think that is the site but I will have to check) and therefore, a large number of livejournal users will get this comic posted on their 'friends' page of their livejournal site.
So, Dilbert is already being freely distributed to livejournal blog pages...which would indicate that they would be unlikely to have issues with my occassional posting on this blog.
As long as the copyright is attached at the bottom I would doubt the uni staff are breaking the law!
If they were to photocopy an entire Book of Dilbert, then I expect it may be otherwise.
However, I guess in future there would be no harm in me writing in a specific link to the Dilbert site indicating that the comic strip came from their archives or 'feed'. :)
Meanwhile, our blog does have a creative commons license at the bottom, and the email address of Tama if WE do anything wrong :P

Mon Oct 03, 02:29:00 pm 2005  

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